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This site exists solely for the purpose of providing factual up-to-date news for the poker community. I am simply a member of that community that is interested in sharing information in the most objective way possible. I have been a casual player on several U.S. facing sites, but other than that, I have no financial, contractual, or any other obligation to any poker site, or their principals, that would bar me from offering a totally unbiased view of any news, good or bad, that should be reported.

As I respect the tenet proscribed by my former “employers”, Subject: Poker, my plan is to operate this site, as long as possible, without offering any advertising space which could promote any company or individual that could be the subject of the news featured here. I promise to never offer monetary consideration for any interview or other source information that you will see reported here.

Obviously there are costs involved in keeping this type of site afloat. To anyone that is willing to make any donation, no matter how small, be assured that it will help tremendously to keep the site alive, so that I may continue to keep the readers informed in the most objective way possible.  On behalf of that readership, I thank you in advance.

9 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. geoff werner says:

    I have around 45k tied up on ftp. Makes me sick thinking how much I have on there. Could you offer me any insight of what is happening with the GBT deal? Thanks so much for your help and anything you say I will not post or talk to anyone else about. Thanks

  2. Dennis G Wood Sr says:

    I hope this all gets resolved soon so we can get back to the games!

  3. Hello, was wondering how to get in contact with you. We are currently looking for a editor to run the news section at our website.

  4. Stephen Cafmeyer says:

    It’s been long overdue someone put the “I” back in legitimate ONLINE gaming.
    Thank you, diamondflush

  5. Paul Prefect says:

    Not so sure about your complete impartiality. It is difficult to believe and trust someone who wants to remain anonymous.

    Not disclosing sources is one thing and understandable but most peple in the world have a hidden agenda and especially those that hide their true identity.

    Never known a proper journalist hide their name from the public and see no reason why a pseudo journalist should beany different if they want to be taken seriously

    • Diamond Flush says:

      It wouldn’t matter if I was Mother Theresa or O.J. Simpson, it does not change what happened at FTP. You are free to draw your own conclusions.

  6. robbie says:

    Do you have a contact email address?

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