New Jersey Gets 37 Timely Applications for Internet Gaming

It’s been confirmed that 37 applications have been filed have been filed in New Jersey with hopes to take part in Internet Gaming, expected to launch later this year.  The following information was received from the N.J. Division of Gaming Enforcement with respect to the deadline yesterday for filings that give operators the chance to take part in the initial launch in November:

The Division of Gaming Enforcement has completed a preliminary review of the applications filed by Internet gaming providers and Internet ancillary companies that met the July 29 filing deadline.

To date, a total of 37 applications have been received. Of the 37, three are letters of intent to conduct Internet gaming activity by previously licensed gaming companies. A breakdown by level of licensure is as follows:

21 – 92a Casino Service Industry Enterprise License, including letters of intent (CSIE)
12 – Ancillary Casino Service Industry Enterprise License
4   – Vendor Registrants

Descriptions for the levels of licensure can be found at:   

These timely filings will allow the Division time to complete its investigations and make a determination of suitability for the  providers and ancillary companies to commence Internet gaming by the go-live date later this year.

“We see this as the first round of filings and we expect that more applications will be filed as the start of Internet gaming moves closer,” said Division Director David Rebuck.   “The July 29th deadline does not preclude someone from filing for a license in the future. All proposals will be considered as they are received.”

Names of  any  applicants, and most recently those filing for Internet gaming licensure, are not public until they appear on the Active Vendors List located on the Division’s website at

All applications for gaming related casino service industry licensure, including applications of a provider for Internet gaming activity, are reviewed in accordance with the Act and regulations.

Additionally, any game offered to patrons for wagering must be submitted to and approved by the Divisions Technical Services Bureau (TSB).  All vendors, including ancillary vendors, were required to file a product submission on or before July 29, 2013.

To date, TSB has received ten (10) products from Platform Providers/Remote Game Server Combinations and three (3) Independent Remote Game Servers.  Platform providers refer to systems that perform player and funds management.  A remote gaming server provides game software.

The objective of the TSB is to ensure regulatory compliance of all Internet gaming products including games software, computer networks and required ancillary functions.

Casinos were required to notify the DGE by June 30 if they intended to conduct Internet Gaming.  As was widely reported, each of the twelve Atlantic City casinos did submit their notifications as to their intentions to partner with an Internet Gaming Provider.

Rumors continue to abound with respect to any additional names not yet heard about before. Regulations require that Internet Gaming in New Jersey be conducted through a licensed brick and mortar facility in Atlantic City. While the Division of Gaming Enforcement will not make public who has applied or which casinos have forged partnerships for moving forward, all but two casinos have confirmed some liaisons. Revel Resort and Casino and the Atlantic Club have yet to announce any partnerships.

Additional information will be forthcoming as soon as it is confirmed.


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