Lederer backs out of scheduled interview, cites hardship on himself and his family

As many readers have noticed, during the last three weeks I have been very quiet publicly about the big news of Howard Lederer speaking out to the media. I knew that it would be happening, and when, and I listened along with everyone else when the Lederer Files were released by Pokernews.com, and then when there was a follow up interview with the TwoPlusTwo Pokercast.

I knew that my promised interview, the final follow up, would be different. I would not be asking the same questions, although some follow-ups had to be put on the record. There were, and still are, so many areas not even touched upon as well.  Finally, there were many misrepresentations made, that I knew should be clarified for the record.

So yes, mine would be different.   

My interview was promised even before the filming began for the Lederer Files. The timing was changed a few times and finally reconfirmed earlier this past week to happen this weekend, in fact, yesterday. I’ve spent many hours speaking to Howard these last weeks, and although he had some idea of my concern that the real story come out, he was never given any questions by me. I have little doubt, and he knows that I know, that he dodged plenty of bullets.

Yesterday morning, Howard let me know that our interview would not be happening after all. According to Howard, this whole interview process has been “much harder on [he] and his family than he expected”.  He agreed that he was reneging on our agreement, but made his decision final.

To maintain a level of fairness, I never commented publicly regarding the forum posts, the tweets and all the blogs and commentary that followed his earlier interviews. I didn’t want to taint the minds of any readers or listeners of his video interviews or podcasts about the truthfulness, or lack thereof, of anything he may have said. That was the only reason I was quiet. I was not asked to be quiet, or required to do so as any prerequisite for our interview.  It was entirely my decision, and I felt like it was the right one, at the time.

Now, I no longer shoulder that burden that I placed on myself.

During this next week, I will be publishing my own articles outlining my take on what was said and not said. Readers will see some of the questions that I would have asked, what I believe Howard would have answered (based on his already on the record answers) and what the truth really is.

If Howard Lederer thought those prior interview hours were too stressful and hard on his family, he was right to cancel ours. I have no doubt that “stressful” would have been considered a huge understatement in the end.

Readers can decide for themselves. The first installment in my series of articles should be published sometime on Monday.


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16 Responses to Lederer backs out of scheduled interview, cites hardship on himself and his family

  1. Vegetera says:

    ““much harder on [he] and his family than he expected” when he says that. Do you really believe that? I mean, is he so stupid that he just thinks everyone just gonna swallow what he says in earlier interviews?

  2. Masked poker player says:

    I am madly in love with Diamond Flush!!!

  3. Herbert Stempel says:

    During Howard Lederer two previous interviews I kept wondering if there were agreed upon areas where he would not be questioned. Was this an area where you and H L had issues?

    FWIW, it had seemed to me that H L had been open and honest in the two interviews so far. Not a fan or critic of his since BF up until now, but really disappointed in this last move of his.

  4. dion says:

    Go get him Diamond!! I was a bit schocked that he agreed to interview with you, as you were the most qualified to properly ask questions and follows up with all your knowledge of what really happened. Please, let it rip now, I’ll be here first thing tomorrow looking for all the details. Thanks!! Howard is foolish to think that we believe any of what he is selling. LOL at didn’t know about bank fraud issues. FTP insider has great point.

  5. Pazman says:

    Well we already know what Howard Lederer’s answers to the tough questions would be… Da, ah, ah, ah, I’m not sure.

  6. RGF says:

    Me to Masked! I have no idea what she looks like but I am 100% sure I would make sweet love to her.

  7. All the poker players with families and mortgage payments that had difficult times know how Howard claims to feel, but unfortunately they couldn’t just call in and cancel.

  8. pmic says:

    Howard, you OWE the poker community the interviews and answers, you fxxxxxx slimeball! Oh boo-hoo, it’s inconvenient and tough for you but you forget about the much tougher situations you’ve caused many others…

  9. pokerpro says:

    I remember seeing howard talking about how he will not get closure until the player will get paid back in one of his last interview.

    You know what ? I wont get closure for the year and half of pain (with a lot of my net worth locked in their scam) before the truth come out and he get in jail.

    Thank you very much for helping with the former diamond.

    • Gary Chance says:

      He would only return to Las Vegas if he has done a deal with the DOJ, So I don’t think there is much chance of him going to prison. You will soon see Jesus turning up in Las Vegas as well. Watch this space?

  10. Gary Chance says:

    Why has someone not asked him why after taking $42 million in dividends did he not offer to return the players money. After hiding out in Dublin for 2 years why did he return to Las Vegas now, Has he done a deal with the DOJ? not to go to jail!

  11. Donde says:

    With all respect, you say you will write “what I believe Howard would have answered” but you also say “readers can decide for themselves.” Maybe leave out what you think he would’ve answered because everything else is fact/objective and that is the only thing that isn’t, so just a suggestion to leave it at facts and let the readers/forumers decide (they’re pretty smart at figuring this stuff out =) ). Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in on this!

  12. georgia says:

    Diamond flush, have you an email address as I have some interesting info that you may be interested to get. write to me please.

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